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AssureSME Provides Expert-Driven Job Discovery and Talent Evaluation Solutions to Power your Business

Our experts precisely identify the skills needed for your project’s success, and measure candidate suitability through quantitative and qualitative evaluations

Explore How AssureSME’s Experts Increase Placement Success Like Never Before

Create a formulated, expert-driven evaluation process for your hiring team

Is your recruiting doomed from the start?

A major flaw in the technical recruiting process is that job descriptions typically do not reflect the true needs of the role. This creates an uphill battle for recruiters and HR professionals that may not have a complete grasp on the technology that results in higher costs and increased timelines on projects.

Start off on the right foot.

Upon adding a job order to the website, AssureSME assigns you a Subject Matter Expert (SME) specific to your need. The SME works directly with the Hiring Manager to clarify the job description and create a test plan that properly weighs the skills needed for the position. The test plan includes an interactive identification of skills for under qualified, ideal and over qualified candidate.

The SME then creates a road map for recruiters that defines what each skill means and what they should be looking for.

Track all your Candidates
For all your Projects
On one Platform

Our interactive platform allows you to insert and track data for your candidates and open positions. Any candidates that pass the initial screening of the recruiter or HR professional can be added into our system.

Expert screening

All candidates speak directly to our SME and are tested on the areas outlined in the test plan. All interviews are recorded and can be accessed in real time.

Ranked Candidates

Each open position will list all submitted candidates, and show their position fit percentage. This enables you to quickly view and assess your talent pipeline.

Talent evaluation

After being screened, each candidate is scored based on the evaluation of their skills from our SME. These scores are available on our interactive platform.

Intuitive Dashboard

Our real time dashboard empowers you to evaluate the recruiting process across all your projects. The dashboard allows you to:

- View all open jobs
- Review evaluated candidates
- Drill down to examine specific skills test and audio recordings
- Share evaluation results with your team

After reviewing your dashboard all that's left is to select your candidate!

Take Back Your Time

Our network of independent, third-party subject matter experts guide you through the acquisition of highly skilled talent.
This creates a factual, impartial and systematic process.

Independent Experts
Increase Placement Success

There is finally a solution to create an accurate, streamlined recruiting process.

AssureSME not only replaces the "Search and Send" mentality, it opens new doors to help recruiters attain in depth industry knowledge to become better at their jobs. Long gone are the days of keyword searches, vague job descriptions and minimal feedback.

AssureSME empowers recruiters with detailed job descriptions, precise keywords and specific skill sets defined so they can better understand how to qualify candidates.

We Make Talent Stand Out

We bridge the knowledge and communication gap that has always existed in our space.

Candidates are often passed up for opportunities because a lack of knowledge of a recruiter, or a vague job description. AssureSME creates an environment with a clearly defined path that allows for candidates to be fully vetted for each position. With clear job descriptions and defined keywords provided by an expert, candidates that best fit the need are more likely to be identified and screened.

This software is the first of its kind and will change the way candidates are screened in the future. It will ensure that the right candidates are found so candidates will have more success when placed on a project or in a perm role.

Qualify Candidates.
Expand Your Network.
Earn Money.

Nobody knows their industry better than the people working in it. That's why we want you.

In an effort to bridge the knowledge gap between recruiters and their candidates we hire SME's with various backgrounds to be our translators. These qualified industry leading experts use their knowledge and experience to earn a fee for reviewing and testing candidates.

Are you a Subject Matter Expert? Here's why you should join our team:

- Work from anywhere - our platform is all web based
- Create your own schedule
- No long term commitment
- Industry leading hourly rates
- Expand your professional network

Want to get started? Contact us here to find our more about this exciting new software.

Your Recruiters + Our SME's = Finding Your Perfect Fit

How well do your recruiters know the positions they're interviewing for? More importantly, how do they test to know the person they're interviewing has the skill set needed to succeed?

With AssureSME, you get an independent, third-party subject matter expert that ensures an efficient and effective recruiting process.

Here's how:

- Reviews the position description with the Hiring Manager and updates the job description
- They create a work flow plan
- Position keywords are identified to help recruiters find possible matches
- Skill set descriptions are made to help recruiters of all levels understand specific needs
- Interviews candidates and discusses key parts of the role to ensure they meet all requirements
- Can record interviews and time stamps conversation for easy access to specific questions

A Competitive Advantage For Your Hiring Process


AssureSME delivers independent, unbiased subject matter experts to work alongside your recruiters. Their goal is to be the expert your recruiters need to find and validate the right candidates for your next position, presenting their findings on an intuitive platform.

The perfect blend of technology and human interaction

Our dedicated platform showcases every portion of our process. From testing grades to notes from a conversation, drill down and find exactly what happened with your candidates at all times. Quantitative scores and qualitative information are available at your fingertips.

Find the right candidate — every time

We use enhanced testing methods and voice print technology to quickly reject “decoy candidates,” reducing hiring costs and project delays

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